Every interaction on the web has a negative impact on environment.

Why this matters?

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By 2025, it is estimated that one-fifth of global electricity would be required to power the internet.

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As per statista economy compass, tsunami of data is approaching us. (By the way, 1zB is 1023 GB)

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Carbon footprint of ICT is same as aviation industry. These emissions are predicted to double by 2025.

Statista digital economy compass 2021
Source: Statisa digital economy compass 2021

“We don't have energy production crisis, we have energy consumption crisis” - Gerry Mcgovern

The change starts with you pointing finger

The global leaders are doing their part to tackle this. But this problem requires us to take a collective action. We all have the moral responsibility to take actions that are within our hands.

Start by learning about your online habits and take eco-friendly actions.

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Did you know about these tools?

There are plenty of services at free of cost available for you to reduce down your digital carbon footprint.

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Interested in learning more about digital waste?

Give my mini podcast series a try where I try to summarise topics within two minutes.

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Try testing your personal and favourite websites to learn about their impact on environment.

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You can design eco-friendly websites too. Here's what you need to know

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